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Five-Senses Friday

March 23, 2012

The magnolias and daffodils are fading; the redbuds and forsythia are blooming; the flowering pears are breathtaking; the oaks are leafing out. It’s been in the 80s the past three days, but is thankfully cooler today. The part of me that knows the season by observing nature is very confused, but happy to be outside so early.

Today I am…

seeing: fur I still need to vacuum up, chubby baby thighs and feet, my own bare feet, a clean kitchen, color in new ways after reading The Giver this week

hearing: birds chirping away; the wind chime’s soft music; Cedarmont Kids music, currently “What A Friend We Have In Jesus”; the fun a baby can have with a paper bag; the hum of the dryer

feeling: cool breezes through open windows, a baby tooth (teeth?) waiting to pop through, the gentle rise and fall of a tiny set of lungs

smelling: the freshness of earth just after a rain

tasting: store brand Cheerios and a banana shared with baby; turkey sandwich and grapefruit


For more Five-Senses Friday, see my friend Cindy (newly Dr. Cindy!) at la, fleur, epuisee. She is my inspiration.


Plaid and Polos {Small Style}

March 22, 2012

With this extraordinarily warm spring we’re experiencing, I’ve had to go digging for appropriate baby clothes in the next size up. Fortunately, some of his 12 months clothes run small (or is he running big?).

And so we’re changing out argyle sweaters for polos and plaid shorts and sandals. We’re trading bundled blankets and indoor games for exploring grass and cool breezes and sunshine.

I love seeing chubby little knees poking out from tiny shorts.

With the turn in the weather I ordered Sam’s first little pedipeds. (I’m so thankful for online shopping!) Walking is still several months off at least, but I can’t wait for him to learn to walk in his little leather-soled shoes! Baby shoes just might be my new favorite thing.

On Sam this week:
Polo – Kohl’s (via consignment)
Shorts – Carter’s (via consignment)
Shoes – pediped (via eBay)

Where GramGram and Papa Come to Visit

March 20, 2012

A couple weekends ago my parents came out for a quick visit. We live 5 hours apart so we don’t see each other super frequently. We’d last seen them as Christmas, and while it’s only been a few months, Sam is growing like a weed and changing quickly. The first words out of my mom’s mouth were, “He’s so big!” I try to keep the family up-to-date on baby goodness with photos and videos, but it’s not the same as seeing him in person.

We didn’t have anything on the agenda for their visit, just hanging out and playing with Sam. My parents were gracious to let me and Jeff go to our book club meeting on Saturday afternoon while they stayed back with the baby and dogs. It felt almost like a date to go out on our own, even if it was just to book club.

Reading books with GramGram:

Playing with Papa:

Thanks for making the trip out to see all of us!

Fondue for Two

March 13, 2012

I’m a little late on this one (and by “a little” I mean “two months”), but I still wanted to share a quick recap of our January date night because we had so much fun.

As I mentioned in my goals for the year, I’ve planned a year of monthly date nights for Jeff and me. On January 1st, Jeff opened a manilla envelope to reveal our first date of 2012: Fondue for Two, also known as Poor Man’s Fondue. We don’t have a fondue pot, but I was sure we could still make it work and have fun. However, I did buy fondue forks to lend some authenticity.

On the appointed day, we went shopping for ingredients, put the kiddo to bed early, and prepared to enjoy a fun evening together. For our first course, we enjoyed a traditional cheese fondue (from Trader Joe’s) with pretzel bread, pear, and apple.

Our second course was the meat and oil course, which we had to do standing up at the stove since, as previously mentioned, we didn’t have a fondue pot. We used this recipe to marinate our steak; it was delicious.

As if we hadn’t already consumed mass quantities of food, we still had our dessert course: chocolate fondue! We used this recipe with our dippers of strawberries, marshmallows, angel food cake, apples, and peppermint Joe-Joe’s (Trader Joe’s brand Oreos).

No fondue night would be complete without lots of cheesy puns (get it?). Let’s just say there was a lot of groaning and eye-rolling happening as well as face-stuffing.

Sam stayed asleep the whole time and woke up to eat just as we were cleaning up. Good baby! Our little home version wasn’t as fancy (or expensive!) as The Melting Pot, but I bet we had just as much fun as we would have had at the fancy restaurant.

iBaby {Small Style}

March 8, 2012

We’re an iFamily. iPhone, iPod, iPads, MacBooks? Check. No PCs here! Sam is too little for any screen time of course, but Grandma made sure he feels included.

His cute little iPhone tee has its own array of apps you aren’t likely to find in the App Store: Burp, Drink, Eat, Talk, Nap, Pee, Crawl, Poop, Drool, Hug, Dance, and Smile.

Turns out little man thinks Daddy’s iPhone is a pretty cool toy already.

Probably because it tastes so good. Nom, nom, nom.

On Sam this week:

Long-sleeved tee – Carter’s
iBaby tee – gift from Grandma
Jeans – Gymboree (consignment)
Socks – Target

Super Tuesday

March 6, 2012

I had a little help when I went to vote in today’s primary election:

Sam got a sticker just for showing up, while I had to wait to get mine until I’d actually voted. The poor poll workers were bored; our precinct was rather slow apparently.

Helping Mama vote really works up a baby’s appetite

Speaking of slow, that aptly describes my blogging lately. We’ve been having a rough several weeks in the nighttime sleep department, and when mama ain’t sleepin’, mama ain’t bloggin’. It culminated late last week and I’m cautiously optimistic that we’re back to decent sleep now, even if it’s not great. I’ll settle for decent right now. When I’m not getting the rest I need, I struggle just to keep up with basic household and baby responsibilities. So while I have lots of posts running through my head, I don’t have the time or energy to make them happen. That also means I don’t get around to commenting on your blogs either.

Thanks for your patience.

And if you live in a Super Tuesday state, happy voting day!

Thankful Thursday

February 23, 2012

I’m taking a break from Small Style this week so I can keep up with the discipline of thankfulness.

This month I am thankful for:

  • nightly mugs of steaming hot, milky tea
  • cut flowers and potted bulbs that add color, cheer, and divine fragrance
  • the love and care my husband shows to me
  • a dishwasher to wash my dishes for me
  • blog comments ;)
  • long baby naps
  • Downton Abbey
  • the camaraderie, encouragement, and advice of other mothers with babies and young kids
  • doggie snuggles
  • the promise of Spring just around the corner

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