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Sam is Three Months Old

November 21, 2011

**Sam is almost 4 months old now so it’s high time I got this finished and posted. He turned 3 months old on October 28th, and the following is applicable up to that point in time.**


Dear Sam,

You are now 3 months old. You’ve already changed, grown, and experienced so much in your short life! I love watching you grow while simultaneously hoping you won’t grow too fast for my heart. You continue to be a very calm, content baby. If all your basic needs are met, you’re a happy boy.

You’ve gone on your first roadtrip to visit Mommy’s family in Illinois (at 5 weeks old). You’ve been to two weddings (cousin Wes and Charise and friends Jon and Kristen) and a funeral (Great Grandpa S). You’ve also had your first cold/stuffy nose.

Everyone says you look just like your daddy, but many people say you have your mommy’s eyes… just like Harry Potter. (Yes, your mommy is a little nerdy. You might as well get used to it now.) You are a big boy for your age. At your last doctor appointment you weighed 14 pounds and were 24.5 inches long, putting you in the 80th and 95th percentiles respectively. Now you are up to 15 pounds and still growing. You’ve been wearing 3-6 months clothes for several weeks now.

Your hair has yet to start growing in, but what’s there still looks red. The hair you were born with hasn’t fallen out, but the more your head grows, the more sparse your hair appears! You totally rock the bald look, but I think we’re all ready to see a bit more fuzz up top.

You are getting very strong and can hold your head up while on your belly for several minutes at a time. You love to be upright though; your favorite places to be are Mommy’s and Daddy’s arms, chilling with Mommy in one of your baby carriers, and propped up on the couch in a sitting position.

Just this past week you discovered how cool your hands are. You look at them, touch them together on purpose, and try to stick both of them in your mouth at once. You like your pacifier when you are tired and cranky or when milk is delayed for some reason so I’m not certain you’ll become a thumbsucker. Time will tell.

You smile at people across the room now and enjoy looking at the mirrors and black frames and shelves in your room. You’ve even started to laugh at Mommy’s antics. We love those joyful giggles.

You sleep well at night in your crib in your own room after spending the first almost 10 weeks in your bassinet just a few feet away from Mommy. On average you sleep about 5 hours to start the night, waking up once or twice after that to eat. You always go right back to sleep after you’ve eaten your fill for which I am very grateful. There’s nothing quite like going into your room in the morning and watching your fussy face transform into big smiles of recognition and happiness. You save your biggest smiles for me in the mornings. I love that.

Naps, however, are a different story. You sleep great in Mommy’s arms, and sometimes I let you sleep there so you’ll get in a good nap, but we can’t keep up that arrangement forever. Mostly you take cat naps (around 45 minutes) in your crib or on your playmat. You are comfortable sleeping in the Sleepy Wrap and Boba carrier, which is especially nice for trips outside the house (and around the house too). You used to sleep for hours straight in the Sleepy Wrap if I let you. It was like it had a special sleep power over you.

Your daddy and I love you very much and enjoy watching you take in the world around you more and more.


My morning greeting

Playing with his newly discovered hands

Enjoying tummy time more and more

Outgrowing the baby papasan

Ready to take the dogs for a walk on a chilly fall day

Napping on his playmat

Our big 3-month-old boy

Lots of smiles and some giggles:

3-Month-Old Sam from Sarah on Vimeo.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. November 21, 2011 6:50 pm

    I can’t believe how fast time goes by! I loved this post, and when Sam gets older, I’m sure he will appreciate all that you’ve recorded about him!

    He’s adorable!

  2. November 21, 2011 6:53 pm

    Some mothers are annoying-sounding when they baby-talk but you manage to sound your age while doing it. Good job. (I know you were very concerned about this.)

    He is so cute in the video! He has relaxed eyes.

  3. Megan permalink
    November 21, 2011 7:49 pm

    Love the update!! You sure do have one cute little kid! :)

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