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Aruna 5k

April 15, 2010

Jeff and I walked (and ran some!) the Aruna 5k down on the University of Cincinnati campus last Saturday morning. From the web site:

Aruna, a Hindi word meaning ‘bright morning sun,’ serves both as a metaphor for what could be for so many women and children who have been sold into the dark world of the sexual slave trade, as well as the name of an initiative in Mumbai, India to bring an end to human trafficking, specifically in the area of sexual exploitation.

The race was organized by the Cincinnati Metro Campus Crusade for Christ group (or Cru, as they’re called on campus). The Cincy Metro area director goes to our church and had shared about the event and the work going on in Mumbai through the Aruna Project.

It was a beautiful day to be outside and active. We brought the dogs with us, and it was fun to see UC’s campus up close and on foot. There was a good turnout and—the best part—the event raised $14,000 to help rescue women and children and bring them to safety and into the light! Also, the local Clifton Chipotle gave coupons for a free burrito and drink so a group of us enjoyed lunch together on a grassy spot afterwards.

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