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Welcome, Mochi

March 8, 2010

Back in the middle of January, we welcomed a new addition at our house:

Hello! I'm Mochi!

With both of us at home during the days now, the timing seemed right. Jeff’s been pushing for dog #2 for awhile and I finally gave in. (Sound familiar?) The whole thing happened faster than we expected, but it has worked out wonderfully.

Mochi (pronounced mo-che, as in ‘Can I have some mo’ cheese, please?’) is an affectionate, people loving dog. I love smothering her in hugs and rubbing my face in her fur, and Keiko is glad to have another dog around to save her from the suffocating attention! We’re trying to teach Mochi about personal space and manners, and she’s slowly learning. :) She’s about 1 year old (same age as Keiko was when we adopted her 3 years ago) and mostly border collie, also like her big sister. She’s 60 pounds — bigger than we expected from her Petfinder listing. The first few days with her, we kept saying to each other, “How did we end up with such a big dog?”

The two dogs get along really well. As we’re found of saying, they speak the same doggie language. Keiko is faster, quicker, and all around more agile, but Mochi is stronger, very athletic, and has more energy. They love to wrestle and chase each other around the yard and house.

They both sleep on our bed at night (sigh). We tried to keep Mochi off, but with Keiko up with us and Mochi’s people loving, it just didn’t work. As you can imagine, it’s a bit crowded sometimes. We need a bigger bed!

Friends have been offering guesses as to what other breeds are mixed in with the border collie. It’s obviously something different than Keiko’s border collie mix, though people have asked us if they are litter mates. Any guesses?

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