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five-sense friday

March 5, 2010

February was busy, especially Fridays, but March brings new beginnings and a restart to five-sense Fridays.

tasting: popcorn and tea for lunch (I need to go to the store!)

smelling: the lovely bouquet of pink, yellow, and white flowers (plus one red rose) on the dining room table, a physical remnant of a group of husbands (mine included) spoiling their wives last weekend

seeing: SUN! This February was particularly gray, or so it seemed. Today marks two days in a row of sunshine, blue skies, and 40+ degree temperatures. Also, tips of spring bulbs struggling out of the damp, cold earth.

hearing: Jeff’s muffled voice on a conference call one floor directly above my head, no doubt doing an excellent job at whatever it is he’s explaining/brainstorming/analyzing; two puppies busily chewing their respective bones; Five Hours of Classical Favorites

feeling: the warmth of the sun streaming in through the dining room windows across my [extra] pale winter skin; pensive, meditative, reflective … about two familial situations in particular

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