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five-sense friday

February 6, 2010

Mochi (who needs a post of her own) keeps coming back to the couch to “help” me write this post—when she’s not playing with her sister. She is quite a cuddler and people-lover. Hence, you will see a certain theme to today’s five-sense Friday.

seeing: wrestling dogs. the old adage is true: a tired dog(s) makes a happy home. also, shovelfuls of wet snow.

tasting: Cadbury drinking chocolate – a great way to warm up from the cold!

feeling: tingling ears, cheeks, and chin. puppy licks. tired muscles.

smelling: puppy breath in my face.

hearing: said dogs wrestling and chewing on each other. also, NPR – I finally moved from listening to occassional podcasts to listening to our local NPR station. I’m left wondering why I didn’t start this earlier!

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