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On 27

January 31, 2010

I turned 27 years old on the 11th of this month. Somehow that felt like it was going to be significant and worth writing about. Not just the events of the day, but the meaning of it. Frankly, I don’t feel any older or any different. And yet, something about the change from 26 to 27 feels larger, more adult-ish than the change from 25 to 26. Maybe it’s the change from being in my mid-20s to my late 20s. Is 27 the late 20s? Regardless, being in my 20s, I am still young. I know that. But it doesn’t stop the feeling of growing older. I think I have a glimpse now of what it is like to be 40 or 50 or 60 and still feel the same as when you were 24. The shell may age and change, and the person inside can change and mature, but the essence of the person is still the same. Particularly in our image-driven culture, it’s hard to look past the outer shell, but I hope that more and more I remember to think about the real person rather than just the trappings. To see the person that God sees.

The events of the day and the days leading up to it bear telling as well. This year, my birthday fell on a Monday, and as such, Jeff told me I could have a whole birthday weekend. He really spoiled me this year! He wrapped my gifts individually so I had one to open each day, Friday through Monday. On Saturday, we had brunch at IHOP (BOGO coupon!), went shopping for office bookshelves among other things at IKEA, and had dinner at Der Dutchman (where we also bought my birthday cake). On Sunday, we watched North by Northwest, which was one of my presents. Monday, my actual birthday, we went out to my two favorite places: Melt and Yagoot. So much food goodness in one day… in one weekend! I branched out at Melt and had something new: chicken gumbo and The Lingo (pesto, roasted red peppers and herbed goat cheese melted on focaccia and finished with fresh baby spinach). A new episode of Castle topped off a wonderful evening. I had wanted to watch my favorite movie, The Big Country, but it’s long and didn’t fit well into the weekend plans so we ended up watching it later on.

Many, many thanks go out to my wonderful husband for making me feel very special and loved on my birthday! And, as always, Facebook is wonderful for birthdays. Thanks to all who wished me a happy day!

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