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five-sense friday (B&B weekend edition)

January 31, 2010

Jeff and I have just enjoyed a weekend away at our favorite bed & breakfast in Kentucky. Rather than do five-sense friday early before we left, I thought I’d do a B&B weekend edition instead.

seeing: rented movies, a small pile of books, board games, knitting needles, fresh landscapes out the window, horse farms, old stone fences, snow

tasting: Chinese food lovingly created in a tiny kitchen; Cadbury drinking chocolate and Tim Tams; delicious full breakfasts prepared and served by our pleasant innkeepers, Alder and Gillian; fantastic Italian food, including fried fresh mozzarella, a fresh crusty boule of bread with dipping oil and spices, chicken parmesan, penne fresco, and a chocolate souffle

hearing: Keiko happily chewing away on her Nylabone, pages turning, the slow click of my beginner needles

smelling: Becky’s Soap Shoppe Blackberry Soy Lotion and Massage Candle — a Christmas gift from my sister-in-law Karen

feeling: content, full, and cozy in The Cottage

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