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December 2, 2009

The wind is rising; change is coming.
I rise up, eager to feel the cool rush against my face.

If you’ve known me long, then you may have picked up on the fact that I don’t really like change. Given time to adjust and process, I do okay, but I wouldn’t say I normally embrace change. I’m more of an I-like-how-things-are-in-this-rut-I’ve-made-for-myself kind of girl. I like traditions. I like knowing what’s coming so I have time to react. I’m a researcher and a planner.

Changes are coming my way. Two major changes in particular. One I’ve been thinking about for awhile. The other I’ve been mulling over for I guess a couple of months now. The desire to act on the later has been growing stronger inside of me (while I’ve been researching and planning), and I took my first major step toward that change on Monday.

When the affected parties have been informed, I will share more.

I am excited. A little nervous about the unknowns and how the details will work out, but excited nonetheless.

Addendum: I am not pregnant. I should have known better than to post this without that caveat, since it seems like half the world is pregnant or has a baby at home, but there you go.

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