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Celebrating the First of October (or, How I Love Turtleneck Sweaters)

October 1, 2009

A deep fog covered the neighborhood as we left for work this morning. As we approached downtown, the P&G towers were shrouded in mist and the river was completely blocked from view. Now looking out from the 14th floor, I can barely make out Great American Ball Park across the street.

It feels like fall. (So much so that we turned the heat on last night.)

The calendar now reads October 2009. Where did September go? Wasn’t it just May for that matter? It has been cool and cloudy all week, after being rainy and cloudy the week before. I am still looking for the quintessential crisp, clear fall day to arrive. In order to encourage those most beloved autumn conditions, and to celebrate the first of October, today I pulled on corduroy pants (favorite!) and a blue turtleneck sweater (also favorite!). There’s just something about turtleneck sweaters… like being wrapped in a blanket all day long. And let me tell you: I have a serious love affair with big, soft, cozy blankets.

So here’s to all things fall-ish: cool, crisp days, chilly nights warmed by the fire, apple cider, pumpkin pie, fiery leaves, warm bowls of soup… the list goes on and on…

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